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DCRA Mission Statement

Early DCRA MembersAs the national governing body for fullbore target shooting, to promote and support the pursuit of excellence in military and civilian marksmanship as a positive and significant contribution to Canada, to the sport of shooting and to the safe handling of firearms.

The Mission Statement is the keystone to all activities within the DCRA and a guide for the affiliated rifle associations; everything we do is in support of this statement.

The use of the word promote indicates a necessity of increasing membership and actively pursuing the implementation of marksmanship training and firearms safety in all our shooting programmes. Additionally there is the requirement to introduce training and development programmes, coaching courses, and competitions that are demanding and appealing to the shooting community that support membership and activity.

What is Rifle Shooting?

Competitive shooting is a fun sport, which requires a high degree of concentration, personal discipline and fitness. It is also an excellent means of relaxing in the fresh air.

Above all else, it is not a sport which is reserved for or dominated by any particular group of society; it is probably the only sport whose membership covers the entire spectrum of age, gender, occupation, profession, trade and even physical disability.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association or your particular Provincial Rifle Association, get in touch by telephone or email.

DCRA Vision

To be a vibrant and growing sports association, encouraging and supporting a wide range of target shooting disciplines.

DCRA Product

The DCRA is a not-for-profit, Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA) that operates financially in accordance with law and regulation established by the Income Tax Act.

Our product is a satisfied, active and financially supportive DCRA member.